The RIA Edge Podcast: An Inside Look at an RIA Edge 100 Firm: RMB Capital’s Don Bechter

RMB Capital has become one of the largest and most successful RIA firms in the wealth management industry – with its own, at times, under-the-radar approach to growth. A strategic approach to M&A, organic growth and management of all things capital has fueled the firm’s success over the years, landing RMB on the inaugural RIA Edge 100 list of the industry’s top firms. 

In this episode of the RIA Edge podcast, Informa Wealth Management’s Mark Bruno interviews Don Bechter, Managing Partner of RMB, about the primary contributors to the firm’s growth since inception. Specifically, Mark and Don discuss:

  • What role M&A has played in accelerating RMB’s growth and reach
  • How RMB has created a scalable, repeatable strategy for growing through both marketing and business developments
  • New roles and development programs that RMB has added to help the firm continue to grow and attract new talent


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