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Updating Growth Strategies for RIAs With Claire O’Keefe

Updating Growth Strategies for RIAs With Claire O’Keefe

Finding business strategies that work, and promote continuous growth can be one of the biggest challenges when running a business, especially coming out of the pandemic. 

But one firm, Cerity Partners has been able to maintain and continue their growth in tremendous ways.

In this episode, Mark Bruno sits down with Claire O’Keefe, partner and head of corporate development at Cerity Partners. Claire reveals how Cerity Partners was able to become one of the top RIAs for individuals, businesses and nonprofits, and how they have fostered long-term, sustainable growth for their business. 

Mark and Claire discuss:

  • Primary drivers Cerity has had for effective organic growth
  • Five key areas Cerity focuses on when looking at potential “good-fit” clients
  • Ways to continue meaningful engagement between advisors and clients during and after the pandemic 
  • The strategies that Cerity uses to determine if their growth is high quality and will contribute to future growth


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About Our Guest:

Claire is a Partner in the Chicago office and the Head of Corporate Development. She is also a member of Cerity Partners’ Executive Committee. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College and her Master of Business Administration from Stony Brook University. She is a member of Vistage International.

Prior to joining Cerity Partners, Claire served as an Executive Committee member and client advisor for two wealth management firms. In these roles, Claire’s responsibilities included strategic planning, client development, and client advisory. Throughout her career, she has focused her leadership on providing wealth management services to affluent individuals, business owners, executives, and nonprofit organizations.

M&A and Marketing Strategies for Driving “Intentional Growth”: Allworth Financials’ Scott Hanson

M&A and Marketing Strategies for Driving “Intentional Growth”: Allworth Financials’ Scott Hanson

The RIA channel has seen tremendous growth over the last decade, but a handful of RIAs have executed on M&A and marketing strategies that have positioned them as the industry’s truly elite firms.

In this first episode of RIA Edge, Mark Bruno, Managing Director at Informa Wealth Management, speaks with Scott Hanson, co-founder and senior partner of Allworth Financial, about how he was able to grow his business into a national RIA with roughly $11 billion in assets through a range of intentional organic and inorganic strategies.

Mark and Scott discuss:

  • Allworth’s M&A strategy and ideal acquisition targets
  • How Allworth is creating and driving growth for the firms it has acquired
  • Digital marketing strategies adopted during the pandemic that are here to stay
  • How to create an optimal experience that drives client retention and acquisition


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About Our Guest:

Scott Hanson is senior partner and founding principal of Allworth Financial and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. Hanson co-hosts one of the longest-running financial radio programs in America, Allworth’s Money Matters, which can be heard at He is a regular contributor to InvestmentNews, CNBC and author of three books, his most recent, “Personal Decision Points: Seven Steps to Your Ideal Retirement Transition” is available on Amazon.